Bopil SwiiFlo

Drinking system for broiler and hatching egg production systems

The SwiiFlo drinking system comes with plastic or metal nipples and with/without a spill cup in different sizes, and is ideal for all types of poultry. The special design prevents the chickens from sitting on the pipes, and the double seal in the nipple ensures minimal water spillage.

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Special design

The system is designed to minimise damage to the chickens, and ensures optimal access to the drinking nipple. SwiiFlo comes with a programme for rinsing and precise administration of vitamins and medicines in the drinking water. 

Technical specifications:

  • Nipples: 2 types - traditional, and one with a vertical opening suitable for hatching egg and table egg production
  • Number of nipples per length of pipe: 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20
  • Minimum diameter of feed pipe: 25-38 mm
  • Water pressure: In: 0.7-3 bar, out: 0.007-0.05 bar
  • Maximum length of pipe: 65 m when connected from the end and 120 m when connected in the middle
  • Slope adjustment: for every 15 cm drop in the hen house
  • Suspension: Max. every 3 m
  • Capacity: 80-130 ml/min.



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