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ActiveHorse stable facilities for loose-housing are a new way of keeping horses, based on the horse's natural needs. The stable system is a complete concept for sustainable horse keeping. See a presentation of the sub-elements below.

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Compound feed station

The compound feed station is a fully automatic, reliable feeding system that will save you many man-hours. The horse gets exactly the feed mixture and amount that it needs, distributed over a number of smaller portions throughout the day. The station comes in an L and an XL version.

Coarse fodder station

With the coarse fodder station, the horse is given the amount of fodder that it would naturally seek, distributed over many smaller portions during the day. The station saves you up to 60% of the work and reduces heavy lifting and dust in the stable.

Combi compound and coarse fodder station

With a combi solution, you get the best of both feed and litter systems. The system ensures horses have a well-functioning digestive system and strong limbs. This results in calmer horses, because they are allowed to behave as nature intended them to. 

Selection unit

Via the selection unit, which is mounted at the feed station exits, the horse is automatically guided around to the different areas. E.g. to grass or earth stacks, aisle systems with different surfaces, or to return to the base area where the feeding stations and the resting area are located.


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