BoPil CoMeo

Feeding broilers

CoMeo minimises feed waste and maximises feed intake, resulting in excellent growth with low feed costs. 

The feed bowl has three settings so that the feed height can be set according to the feed size. When the feeding bowl is on the floor, it is fully filled for day-old chickens.

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Low bowl height

A low bowl height of 60 mm provides an optimal start and fast feed intake. After 2 days, the chickens will not stay in the feed bowl and thereby contaminate the feed, or block feed intake.

The system can be mounted with pipes for feeding on the floor. The pipe opens and closes easily and is thus labour-saving if you want to opt for floor feeding. The option is particularly relevant when starting with smaller chickens, e.g. when breeding slow-growing breeds.

Technical specifications:

  • Number of fins: 12 with an opening of 87 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Height: 60 mm
  • Diameter: 330 mm
  • Feed transport capacity: 450 kg/h, based on 50 Hz
  • Outer diameter of pipe: 44.5 mm
  • Maximum distance between inlets: 150 m
  • Distance between suspensions: Maximum 3 m

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