Bopil PVC Floor

Optimal slip resistance

As an alternative to concrete floors and cast iron gratings, we are now introducing profiled plastic gratings. The PVC grates, made of virgin material, create optimal safety conditions for your pigs and piglets with a specially designed surface.

We offer 7 different grates, adapted to the different barn sections - from farrowing to finisher. Give the piglet the best start in life with the homogeneous thermal conductor series THERMO, or discover the secret behind successful piglet breeding in the climate barn with our CHESS series.


An ocean of possibilities

The SWING series offers a wide range of individual combinations with many different sizes and levels of hardness for the farrowing pen.

The CAST series gives sows with fundamental weaknesses the necessary slip resistance, both when she gets up and lies down.

The THERMO series includes a wide range of high-efficiency thermal slats. This provides uniform heat distribution and a uniquely comfortable lying area.

With its unique chessboard pattern, the CHESS series ensures optimal step safety in all directions of movement.

The RUBIN series equals first-class comfort, as well as good hygienic conditions for healthy growth in the various stages of development.

The TRAPPER series differs from grates in the previous sections due to its high load-bearing capacity and first-class self-cleaning effect.

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