Bopil MamaDos

Optimal control of sow feeding

With MamaDos, the sows are registered on a central feed computer, which, based on feed curves and activity sensor, controls the individual sows´ feed intake.

The activity sensor gives a signal to the feed computer if the sow has finished its feed. This also encourages the sow to increase feed intake and increase milk production.

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Reliant on a good start in life

Piglets depend on a good start in life, and therefore the sow must be supplied with sufficient energy to be able to produce the right amount and composition of milk. The colostrum in particular gives the piglets the best conditions for survival and good growth.

With MamaDos, evenly distributed feed intake is ensured with control based on feed curves. This contributes to a higher milk yield and thus good conditions for the sow´s yield during the demanding leactation period.


  • Slow and frequent feed intake
  • Higher milk yield
  • Better weight regulation during the lactation period
  • More feeds - up to 6-8
  • Option of reading/changing data directly in the barn
  • Intelligent dosing technique
  • Simple computer control

Promising trends at Hasbjerggaard

In just four weeks of running the MamaDos system, Lene and Anders Tærsker Mdsen wean 0.7 more pigs than usual. They see an even higher increase in self-weaning in group two.

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