Bopil SparkCup

Drinking system for hatching egg, duck and turkey production systems

The SparkCup high-pressure system is particularly suitable for turkeys and ducks, as well as in hot climates. The floating ball provides easy access to the drinking water during start-up.

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High capacity

The system has a high capacity, 500-600 ml/min, in addition to easy hygiene and maintenance using self-cleaning cups. 

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: depends on outlet pressure and valve type
  • Drinking cups per 3 m: 2-6
  • Max. length of pipe excl. hatching eggs: 75 m when connected at the end and 150 m when connected centrally
  • Max. length of pipe for hatching eggs: 60 m when connected at the end and 120 m when connected centrally
  • Water pressure: In: 3 bar - 50 l/min, out: 0.2 - 1 bar
  • Suspension: every 3 m


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