Business-driven social responsibility in BoPil

Overall, BoPil has always focused on animal welfare and human well-being.

The overall goal remains 

  • Ensure that animals receive the right amount of feed, taking into account the animals' natural behaviour
  • Optimise raw material consumption and avoid waste
  • Optimise resource consumption in terms of materials and time
  • Take into account the working environment and staff safet


  • BoPil strives to comply with the 8 management principles set out in various ISO standards: customer focus, leadership, employee involvement, process orientation, system-based management, continuous improvement, factual decisions and mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • BoPil keeps up to date on laws and regulations, including through industry organisations, the company’s lawyer and accountant
  • BoPil concludes all sales projects by conducting a customer satisfaction analysis. We use the results from this to continuously improve our processes
  • All sales processes are carried out using proven systems
  • As far as possible, BoPil's partners must live up to the same values - vision, mission and goals - as we do
  • BoPil is a member of Animal Protection Denmark and The Danish Warm-Blood Business Club (Erhvervsklubben i Dansk Varmblod)
  • BoPil prioritises sound corporate finances and has a AAA financial rating.

Environmental management

  • BoPil's car fleet is new and energy-saving
  • BoPil strives for deliveries - both from suppliers and to customers - to be coordinated and pooled to reduce the environmental impact
  • Company headquarters use sustainable and CO2-neutral heating solutions
  • Unfortunately, none of BoPil's suppliers are ISO certified. For several years, BoPil has collaborated with suppliers who prioritise the environment, e.g. by using recycled materials (BoPil Grates). Other suppliers comply with EU directives
  • BoPil minimises paper consumption internally within the company

BoPil's actions in relation to Code of Conduct, social responsibility, etc.

  • BoPil respects human rights and does not discriminate in employment.
  • BoPil offers internships for young people in education
  • BoPil's employees have the freedom to plan working hours that match their family life
  • BoPil recognises the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • BoPil supports the abolition of child labour and does not cooperate with companies that use child workers
  • BoPil strives for all product development to take place in collaboration with environmentally conscious partners


  • Animal welfare, working environment and safety are integrated aspects of all our products
  • There is no direct effect on animals with any of BoPil's products
  • Product development always takes place with a focus on improvement, simplification and working environment
  • We prepare customer satisfaction analyses and use the results in product development

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