Bopil SpotMix

Flexible mixing and feeding system

SpotMix is a single, multi-phase feeding system, where phase feeding is controlled at aisle level. The plant automatically mixes the feed from various fresh raw materials and distributes it to each aisle, through or silo using air. As the system incorporates borh feed manufacture and feed fistribution, it is ideal for making home-mixed feed.

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Optimal for climate and finisher barns

The sow needs the right nutrients to produce optimal colostrum and plenty of it. This requires varied feeding. You also get the benefit of SpotMix in climate and finisher barns. Avoid breaks in the growth curve as the feed is constantly adjusted to the pigs´ weight. SpotMix can feed each sow individually or fill silos for weekly shifts.


  • Unique to almost all feeding tasks
  • Complete multi-phase, ad libitum or restrictive
  • Dry or wet feed
  • Far better feed economy
  • Labour-saving
  • No mixing
  • Able to distribute rooting and activity material
  • Intake of many ground raw materials
  • Minimal maintenance

Asbjerggaard saved more than 100 feed units per breeding animal

With a production of approx 14,000 finisher per year, a feed consumption reduction of more than 100 feed units per breeding animal after they got SpotMix has meant big savings for Mette and Mikael Andersen from Asbjerggaard.

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