Bopil Scale

Mobile scale

Weigh your pigs without hassle. The scales are easy to move with two solid rubber wheels and handles, so it can be driven around like a wheelbarrow. BoPil has two options to save you time and hassle.

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The electronic scale is very easy to move around the barn. The scale is moved around the barn in an upright position - supported on 3 wheels. The animals are happy to enter the scales because of the open sides. A very low entry step is ideal for both piglets and finishers.


The scales are lightweight as they are made from aluminium, which also returns an accurate weight, even with unsettled animals. It has a non-slip floor and the front door can be operated using a lever mechanism so that one person can weigh the pigs alone without any issue.


  • ​Weight, date and time are stored on USB sticks
  • Made from stainless material
  • Easy to clean
  • Very quick and easy to move around
  • The entrance step is only 3.5 cm high
  • Non-slip slatted floor and straight passage

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