BoPil Grates

Driveways and more

When the soil is loaded without any kind of reinforcement, the depth of the soil structure can be destroyed. BoPil gratings can be used for a multitude of tasks:

  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces
  • Roads and paths
  • Grasslands
  • Camping sites and market places


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The gratings can withstand loads of up to 160 tonnes. They have an open, non-slip and shatterproof surface that drains away all rainwater. Flexible joints compensate for movement due to temperature changes, and the resilient material offers less risk of hoof and leg problems in animals.

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  • Slip and shatterproof
  • Produced in an environmentally neutral material
  • Resistant to UV, salt, acid and frost
  • High unladen weight - 6 kg/m2
  • Withstands loads up to 160 tonnes
  • Single plate dimensions: WxLxH: 30.2x30.2x3.8 cm, approx. 6 kg
  • Delivered as packages of 4x3 single plates WxL: 122x92 cm, totalling 1.1 m2
  • Delivered in pallets of 80 m2

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