Bopil Liquid Feeding

No-leftovers feeding

BoPil's liquid feed plant has been used in thousands of European herds for more than 30 years. The wet feeding system is the most tried and tested system, and has a feeding solution developed to leave the pipes empty and clean after feeding - every time. With the liquid feed system, you always have fresh feed in the desired portion size.


Hygiene a priority

The plant requires a minimum of maintenance. Hygiene is top notch, as all pipes are rinsed clean with water every time, and the feed tanks are emptied completely. The system is delivered with steel tanks in the desired size and has a long service life with easy cleaning and powerful, durable pumps.


  • ​True no-leftovers feeding
  • Always fresh feed in the desired portion size
  • Pipes are rinsed clean with water
  • Feed tanks are emptied every time
  • Minimal maintenance and a unique pump system
  • Optimal hygiene and a healthier herd

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