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Ready for control?

You cannot mistake the results of implementing a SpotStrø system. Our customers say that they achieve time savings and peace of mind with clear documentation of the bedding. With SpotStrø, you get a fully automatic solution that distributes rooting and activity material up to 4 cm in length for your pigs, as often as you want. 

The system can be combined with our multi-phase feeding system, SpotMix, or it can work as a standalone system. Straw can be distributed via air up to 300 m in all directions using the same pipe system as SpotMix.


  • Unique to almost all feeding tasks
  • Complete multi-phase, ad libitum or restrictive
  • Dry or wet feed
  • Far better feed economy
  • Labour-saving
  • No mixing
  • Able to distribute rooting and activity material
  • Intake of many ground raw materials
  • Minimal maintenance

Own bale shredder

We have developed a bale shredder with the working environment in focus, as most of the dust from the bedding is collected by the shredder's suction function. The system is easy to operate and completely computer-controlled, which means that the straw is spread automatically at the same time as all information about quantity and location is logged in the system.

SpotStrø in organic pig production

"We place a bale in the shredder and then have nothing more to do with the straw until we take it out on the slurry truck again." See how Asbjørn Kaad from Tandsgaard, who converted the farm to an organic finisher production in 2018, has benefited greatly from SpotStrø from BoPil.

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