Bopil Smolt Feeder

Specially developed

Smolt Feeder has been developed for advanced smolt and post-smolt production, and allows you to feed very small amounts as often as desired. The increased size of smolt requires precise feeding, so you can control feed costs as well as the bio-filters in the RAS system.


All Smolt Feeders are tailored and adapted to the size and shape of the tanks. The feeder is designed to feed in accordance with tank volume - e.g. most of the feed is delivered to the outer edge of the tank and less towards the centre.

The primary part is made from stainless steel with no sharp edges. The cone shape with very steep walls ensures that there is never any old feed in the container. The feed falls directly into the auger end, where a 24v motor is mounted directly onto the end of the auger.


Adjusting RPM

A frequency-controlled 24v motor activates the Smolt Feeder with the option of adjusting the RPM. The feeder feeds at specific intervals of 5, 8 or 10 seconds, depending on feeding needs. The breaks between feedings are automatically calculated by the PC system.

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