Bopil Bridomat

Gutter feeding in hatching egg production systems

Bridomat offers gutter feeding for hens in hatching egg production systems. Feeding is sex-separated by means of pipes or grills, which means that the cocks are prevented from eating with the hens.

The system provides uniform and fast feeding, with a transport speed of 30m/min. The hens only eat when the abundant supply is finished.

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Stress-free feeding

The unique feeding system minimises stress in hens, and gutter feeding prevents selective feeding. Bridomat minimises feed waste and is easy to clean. The trough has a solid galvanisation. 

Technical specifications:

  • Number of animals per meter of trough: 13-15
  • Trough edge per animal: 13.3-15.4 cm
  • Feeding capacity: 700 kg/h
  • Max. length of trough/ 2 motors: 160 m
  • Max. length of trough/ 3 motors: 300 m
  • Max. length of trough/ 4 motors: 370 m
  • Height of pipe above trough: 40-50 mm (11 positions)
  • Grill width: 45 mm
  • Grill height: 65 mm
  • Suspension: every 3 m
  • Max. pellet diameter: 4 mm

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