Bopil Smart Counting

Elimination of counting errors

Using a camera in the barn aisle, Smart Counting analyses real-time video streams from the predefined zone when the pigs are moved to e.g. transport. Smart Counting's main purpose is to facilitate a good relationship between seller and buyer by eliminating counting errors and ensuring video documentation of the count.

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Artificial intelligence

There are many advantages to AI-based software. After setting up Smart Counting in the aisle, a training course in the system begins. As different conditions apply for moving animals, Smart Counting adapts to the environment in question.

This includes lighting, width and height in the aisle, the size and colour of the pigs, etc. The system thus takes into account all conditions that may be relevant, and provides a precise overview of how many pigs you send off.


  • Time saving
  • Movable camera
  • Minimal handling of animals as recounting is unnecessary
  • Ensures video documentation
  • Counts pigs of all sizes and colours
  • Not affected by pigs running back
  • Does not count people
  • Ideal for manufacturers, transporters and abattoirs

Smart Counting at Allindemaglegård

"Every Monday morning we send about 1,250 piglets on from the property, and we very often experience discrepancies in the count. We’re typically talking approx. 30 pigs", says Brian Lehmann, who welcomes the new counting system.

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