Bopil Boar Cart

Optimise stimulation and breeding

Save time and money with the 1-man operated boar cart, which easily drives in both directions in the aisles in front of the breeding boxes. The cart, constructed from strong steel, is articulated and easily turns around corners in the aisles. The cart is equipped with adjustable boar windows on both sides, as well as doors in the front and rear.

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Free hands

You control the cart using a small remote control that you can hang around your neck so you have your hands free to stimulate and inseminate the sow. The cart has a built-in charger, so you can always trust your new helper in the barn.


  • Save manpower
  • Insemination is faster
  • Uniform heat control
  • Optimised KS time
  • Better utilisation of semen
  • Walkway width requirement of just 65 cm
  • Space requirement of 120 cm for turning
  • Avoid work-related injuries

Trekanten Breeding Centre saved on barrier gates

Jørgen Skou from Trekanten Breeding Centre optimised breeding and saved on barrier gates after purchasing the boar cart from BoPil.

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