Bopil BeFree

Farrowing aisle for loose-housed sows

BeFree is a revolutionary farrowing aisle with all the desirable features that promote natural behaviour. BeFree gives the loose-housed sow more freedom for its natural behaviour, which improves litter results. The sow has a better overview of her piglets and thus takes better care of them. 

As one of the only aisles, BeFree also gives high priority to the working environment of employees. The swivel bracket enables the sow to be fixed in position and can be operated with one hand. All work tasks can be accomplished from the aisle.

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More welfare - better performance

Mortality among the piglets is reduced due to the natural behaviour of the sow. The litter performs much better and the weaning weight increases. Working time on the aisle is reduced, as the trough and creep area are located towards the aisle. This eases the workload in the barn. Insulated piglet creep areas also offer energy savings.


  • ​Save man-hours through the placement of trough and creep area
  • Minimal traffic in the aisle
  • Mortality is reduced
  • Large open space
  • Litter performs far better
  • The weaning weight is increased
  • Energy-saving, insulated creep area

BeFree hos Esplunda

"BeFree gives a good overview of the aisle and the piglets. Good staff safety is ensured, and you avoid disturbing the animals more than is absolutely necessary, which gives a wonderful sense of calm in the farrowing pen. BeFree ensures good hygiene and it is easy to clean the aisle." - Petra Lindblad

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