Bopil BabyDos

Mini wet feed system

We have the only system on the market that can offer individual feeding at aisle level. BabyDos allows early dosing of both milk replacer and pre-starter in the farrowing pen. This gives the pigs a more uniform and assured growth through feeding, all the way to weaning.

BabyDos improves the sow's ability to care for more pigs herself, while significantly increasing the piglets' growth, as it feeds with sow milk replacer or pre-starter directly into feed bowls in the farrowing pen.


All feeding areas are easily controlled via a feed computer or directly on a tablet/smartphone. The feed master can therefore directly change the feed during his round in the barn. Take advantage of the opportunity to distribute both milk and feed and enzyme train the piglets in the farrowing pen.

With BabyDos, you avoid manual work as the system is fully automatic and ensures feeding with no leftovers. Automatic cleaning and disinfection ensures a high standard of hygiene in the pipe strings, and now automatic trough cleaning is also available as part of the standard solution.


  • Individual feeding at aisle level
  • Fully automatic cleaning and disinfection with acid/base
  • Always fresh milk and feed
  • Increases survival rate
  • Ensures the pigs have a higher weaning weight
  • Feeding according to size and requirements using a censor in the trough
  • Automatic trough cleaning
  • Temperature-controlled automatic mixing
  • True no-leftovers feeding
  • Simple computer control


Promising trends at Hygebjerggaard

"The pigs have increased in weight by about 1/2 kg before weaning, and this has resulted in a much more uniform litter. The trend is that their daily growth has increased by approx. 40-50 g, and with a lower feed consumption as there is less waste. Both pre-starter and sow milk replacer are distributed directly and automatically in the trough, and the cleaning is easy and quick." - Jørn Degn Pedersen

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