Bopil Transponder

Simple and safe feeding method

We can only say that electronic sow feeding (ESF) is the simplest way to feed sows. With the BoPil transponder, your sows get individual or group phase feeding, the best conditions, and a markely low mortality. You get a feeding system which, in the long run, ensures greater earnings compared to other feeding systems.

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The transponders can feed wet or dry feed of various small amounts, and this varies across the different models to suit all group sizes, sows and piglets. The pigs eat in peace and quite in the right position. Stressed feeding is minimised by means of a straight passage/exit. In addition toa reliable feeding system with a complete overview of feeding levels etc., BoPil also creates harmony and tranquility among loose-housed sows.


  • ​Option to add minerals and vitamins
  • Markedly low sow mortality
  • Up to 85 sows per station/ avg. 6.5 sows per hour
  • Reporting of changed behaviour in the herd
  • Option of boar antenna to deselect rebreeders
  • Very low maintenance with few moving parts
  • Optimal care, monitoring and control, e.g. from office

Sows in perfect condition on Øster Stokholm

At Øster Stokholm in Lemvig, they have had great succes in keeping their sows in perfect condition. This is done with the help pf good control and overview via the feed computer, which means that all the sows are covered every day. "If you dive into the data produced in feeding, you also have the opportunity to get all the many benefits" - Klaus Noe

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