Bopil BIAS


The BoPil Individual Testing Station is the most accurate and reliable station in tests. The station, which has a consistent anti-rust construction, weighs the animals with an accuracy of 100 g. Furthermore, it measures feed consumption down to within 3 g. BIAS is also available with a pig scale.

A well-thought-out station

The BIAS station has a well-thought-out setup for hygiene and service, which makes it easy to access the station. Pigs learn to eat at the stations incredibly quickly due to the built-in and illuminated trough area. A special training programme effectively helps the pigs get started before the test begins.

Using the BIAS FarmManager program, you can control all functions at the station, check the flow of feed and enter all the required data for automatic feeding. You can also see all the animal info. Each control panel also has an integrated safety backup.


  • ​Ad libitum or restrictive feeding
  • Controlled and monitored online
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Very accurate and reliable

BIAS hos Sølvbakkegård

"We have the opportunity to go in and see if any of the animals missed feeding on a certain day, or ate less than 50% of the normal amount. Then we know there may be something wrong with that pig. We pull the list every morning and then go round to see if there is anything wrong with any of the pigs. It may also be that they lost an ear tag, but at least we´re always hands-on with how things are going in the barn." - Peter Kejser

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