Bopil FARO

All-in-one quality

FARO combines all the functions required for automatic feed delivery equipment and, thanks to its optional concentrate feeders, has much more to offer than most. FARO can not only go smoothly in both directions but with „dynamic“ trust can move feed silage to the feeding fence, and optionally supply up to two varieties of Concentra- ted feed as needed.

Save time and energy

BoPil FARO has the ability to change direction, which makes it possible to feed in both directions. This saves time and energy. Through the self-cleaning mechanism, it guarantees a hygienic feeding process. Food leftovers can easily escape during pushing by automatically opening the scraper bar.


  • 24h a day access to fresh food
  • Increase in feed intake
  • Increase in milk yield
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Operating status and log data are automatically loaded
  • Safe opreation with safety switch + dynamic overcurrent detection

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