Bopil ENRO

Cleaning robot for slatted floors

Hoof and udder hygiene is an important factor for healthy and efficient dairy cows, in addition to being an essential requirement for AMS operations to ensure trouble-free operation and high throughput.

ENRO is a mobile cleaning robot for slatted floors. The functionality is based on innovative sensor technology and future operating software.

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Online route planning

ENRO's route can be created and changed quickly with a few clicks of the mouse, and does not require time-consuming and repetitive training in the barn. You can choose to run it automatically or with manual control via SmartControl on your smartphone


  • Low overall height - just 40 cm 
  • Circumventing of obstacles
  • SmartControl for manual control via smartphone
  • Self-adjusting bearing to compensate for uneven floors
  • Variable drive speed - approx. 4-18m/min. (automatic/manual mode)
  • Battery control/condition monitoring with automatic return to the charging station

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