Good air circulation with ELIFAN

Ideal for drying the litter and having an excellent recirculation of air inside the shed. Available in diameters from 2 to 5 meters. Elifan works with a motor, belt and pulley mechanism ensuring high performance and minimal maintenance.

Innovative dampening system

An innovative cooling system placed directly in front of the fans combines the speed of air circulation with the high pressure water.

The Elifan Fogger system guarantees cooling of the feeding lane in the summer months where the greatest number of "heat stress" problems are encountered, without wetting the animals and the floor. The nozzles placed in front of the fan have a diameter of 30 microns so as to create a fine mist that lowers the temperature and tempts the animals to eat, guaranteeing consistently high breeding performance.


  • Fans from 2 to 5 m diameter
  • Low power consumption
  • No electrical noise or disturb
  • Motors from 250W-750W
  • Possibility to install the fogger system on the 2 m diameter fan
  • Made from strong steel and lightweight aluminium
  • Easy maintenance
  • Made in Italy

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